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Untitled Story
Untitled Story.
            A lone ship sped along it sub light route, making its way to the next planet. The pilot, a creation of the once mighty race called the Taryn heard that a child hood friend was on Ma’cos three and made a bee line toward the planet to see if the rumors were true. The Taryn had created many of the technological marvels this side of the galaxy had seen and used, including the sub light engines on his ship. But with all things the Taryn’s need to create lead to a self-destructive path. The pilot a young adult at the time was placed on another ship during the exodus from the planet. Now three hundred years later he finally heard a rumor that his friend was still alive and doing well.
            Inside of the ship the pilot now an adult busily worked on his leg trying to replace the bad connector he found during his maintenance routine.
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A Day in The Life of Death.
A Day in The Life of Death.
            A woman walked into her apartment complex and stopped by the mail box. She pulled out her keys and started to fumble with them cursing under her breath until she found the right one. The key slid into the lock and turned causing the mail box to spill its contents on the floor. She rolled her eyes letting out a groan. She picked up her mail then walked to the elevator at the far end. The elevator suddenly opened as another tenant walked out. She gave him a smile said hello then walked in. She used her free hand to hit the number three button. The doors closed and it started to move up. The elevator whirred as it moved up to the third floor then stopped the doors opening. She walked out into the hallway doing her best not to step on some old pizza boxes that lay strewn from the college students from down the hall. She got to her door and again fumbled with her keys getting the right one
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A Witch's Knight
    A Witch’s Knight
    York walked the trail back to his camp, the situation weighed heavily on his mind. He returned to his camp stoked his fire then placed the two small nuggets in a pouch angrily throwing it near his pack. He dressed and then sat in front of the fire thinking. His face began to shift to a sneer as the thought of someone using his church in a plot to murder someone over something as insignificant as wealth. He decided his time would be better spent documenting the events that led up to this new discovery. His head priest would find this interesting and would probably turn it into a sermon one day, after all greed was a powerful enemy. He took out his book and started to write. He wrote for several hours making sure to document everything. He stopped a few times to stand and think skipped over to some other parts wrote those, looked them over felt satisfied with what was written and
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Mature content
A Witch's Knight :icondragoonsteele:Dragoonsteele 2 2
A Witch's Knight
    A Witch’s Knight
    York went to his campsite donned his armor and readied his horse. In less than an hour he was ready. He pulled himself up and then extended a hand to Leydyt. She took it and sat behind him as he spurred on his horse. They entered the forest sticking to the tracks made by her many travels into it. As they rode at a steady pace York turned to Leydyt.
    “How far are we going in?”
    “The bear told me the nymph was toward the most central part. Her poison has already seeped deeply into the roots of this land. Keep going you will see more of what you saw in the small patch.” Leydyt answered.
    True to her word as they traveled deeper into the forest the leaves began to show more signs of the blight, as they progressed deeper the leaves and grass turned to the color as ash. York stopped his horse and rai
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A Witch's Knight
    A Witch’s Knight part III
    Paladin York had left the mayor’s house feeling unsettled about the situation. As he rode back to the inn his mind was filled with questions. Primarily of why the mayor was acting in this fashion. Normally the local leadership looked to his church in the past for help in matters of justice, the mayor almost seemed dead set on putting this woman to the stake as soon as possible. York pushed the thoughts aside as he arrived back at the inn. He stabled his horse, gave it a good brushing then returned to his room. York sat on his bed pulled out a small book and began to make notes of what he knew about the situation, of what he had observed so far. He didn’t get much down when he heard a knock at his door.
    “Enter.” York said closing his book.
    The door opened and the inn keeper walked in holding a tray of food.
:icondragoonsteele:Dragoonsteele 2 1
A Witch's Knight
    Witch’s Knight
    Part II
    Paladin York rode back into town with much on his mind, he had left without so much a word, he felt shame for how he had treated the woman. She wasn’t dangerous and she wasn’t a witch. Druids have often times been mistaken for such because of the way they live. Seclusion being the most noted. But first and foremost he had his duty to fulfill. As he continued to ride he stopped a local man and asked where the mayor’s house was located. York gently spurred on his horse in the direction of the house after getting directions, his mind racing with what he would say to the mayor. York noticed as he continued on that the housing appeared better taken care of and larger. The wood of finer cut, no marble or rare stone just common mortar and brick. While not as opulent as some of the housing that he had seen in Waterdeep or Baldur’s Gate. But for this town he supposed a tw
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A Witch's Knight
    Paladin York stood before the head priest, he eagerly awaited his new assignment and started to shuffle in place out of anticipation. York was of medium height and build. His eyes emerald green and his auburn hair cut short in accordance with his order. His features still young even though he had served his order for eight years, his young appearance betrayed his amount of experience in dealing with both man and beast of the realm. York’s avenger hung at his side and he couldn’t help but place his hand on its hilt then back to his side.
    “Paladin, just hold your horses and I will find you something.” The head priest said almost sounding bored while he shuffled various papers on his desk, “I could tell that you have been eager for something else to do other than the temples normal services of late.” The priest stopped what he was doing and looked up at the paladin smirking.
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Copla Real
The wolf walks forth alone tonight
Save for the crescent moon in white
And a rare zephyr's melody
Must he  forgo all company
For the whims of passing delight?
Should it be many or a few
Your soul a friendship can renew
And all too many days alone
Can make that soul as cold as stone
Does the wolf know this to be true?
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 21 2
SoC: Not Asking For Trouble
So, you're not looking for trouble huh? Well, trouble doesn't care as it will always find you. Take me for example. Last Saturday I was making my delivery (I deliver alcohol and bar products to bars, restaurants, and clubs) and I got to my first stop and had to use the restroom (not a quick visit either). Feeling like it would be unprofessional to ask to file some paper work at my stop before making my delivery to them and since I had plenty of time for my deliveries (one of them wasn't due until 4 pm and it was about 2:30) I went across the street to a McDonalds. After locking up my van, I made my way toward the restaurant. And without warning got knocked down by a red pick up truck. On the ground in pain, the guy gets out of the vehicle then starts bitching me out in a very threatening manner. I went in to get away from him where I would be surrounded by people and could safely call the police. I was doing my best to avoid trouble and instead wound up smack down in the middle of it.
:icondallasblack:DallasBlack 1 1
Lynn d'Vadalis I - Call of Silver

image by Dashinvaine
SHE WAS PERFECTLY AWARE THAT SHE WAS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE, but that had never prevented her from coming, her and Aideen. And most of the time, nobody found out about it. If they did, Artan d’Vadalis, her father and tierna of Merylsward, would pretend to grow angry, and uncle Kirrin would lecture them about the dangers of the wild. The effect of these sermons was to fan the girls’ appetite for adventure. Any punishment was merely making the game of not being found out more interesting.
Lynn was not too certain where ‘here’ was, either, except that it was deep within the forest of the Eldeen, and fairly close to the foothills of the fierce Icehorns. Wherever the thick canopy of the forest cleared, she could catch glimpses of its snow-covered peaks, bathed in the red light of the volcanoes, standing firm under the menacing clouds. Like the armies that, so people told her, f
:iconsyltorian:Syltorian 38 3
Undertale: the Novel - Chapter 10
CHAPTER TEN: Dating Start
Everyone in Snowdin Town was going about their business when I returned, and as a new set of unfamiliar carols played in the square, I thought about how I should prepare for my very first date. I never thought it would happen before I turned thirteen, the age when the nuns finally let up some of their restrictions on us, let alone that it would be with a magical talking skeleton. [Will this world ever cease to amaze me?] Truthfully, I never thought anyone on Earth would want to go on a date with me. Most people I knew only liked either boys or girls, and since I was neither, I figured that ruled out the possibility of anyone taking interest in me altogether. No one ever told me that I would grow up to be beautiful or handsome, and while the nuns kept insisting that wasn't important, that true beauty came from inside us, they've said it at least once to every other child in their care. But none of that mattered now. Now, someone had his eye on me, and I was goi
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Copla de Pie Quebrado
Through the verdant jungle tonight
There strides a jaguar with great might
Food fills her thoughts
It seems that every shadow heeds
The sheer magnitude of the deeds
Her strength has wrought
I could for her write and rehearse
A kind and articulate verse
But I will not
A living poem, she walks in grace
Elegance exudes from her pace
Such is her lot
:iconnathanielflyingowl:NathanielFlyingOwl 10 8
SoC: A Royal Problem
I've got a problem. It may seem ridiculous to you peasants. However, that is because you are common run of the mill people. Your underdeveloped brains and Neanderthal bloodlines make you think your problems are worse than those us of noble blood have to deal with. You may have a problem yourself, but because you are common, your problem is common. My problem is more significant because I am royalty. My problem is not common, it is a royal problem!!!! Ok, that is not my best intro, but I couldn't think of anything else to go with the episode title. I've been anticipating this episode for weeks, but had to get through the others before I could get to it. I've seen thumbnails that present an evil Celestia and this intrigues me like it would intrigue anyone in the fandom. So I'm going to stop this useless banter and get on with my Stream Of Conscience Review of A Royal Problem:
*I'm going to assume the map is calling Starlight, but don't hold me to that.
:icondallasblack:DallasBlack 1 2
SoC: Honest Apple
That dress doesn't make you look fat, your fat does. Your singing reminds me of when you start a car with a cat sleeping on the manifold. Your best friend is ugly and talks too much. I do listen, I just don't care for what you have to say. This is the worst meal I've ever tasted, did you even try? Yes, I was looking at that other woman, she's hot! I know if I were to say these things to a woman I was dating, it would sound cruel and mean. However, it's not because I'm a bad seed, I'm just an honest apple. Of course that was just another segue into my Stream Of Conscience review of this week's episode of MLP: FiM. I'm a pathetically lonely guy who has never dated before, but even I know these are things you don't voice, you just think them. Unless you find yourself in the plot for Liar Liar (if you never saw the movie, you're even more pathetic than me ;), there is no need to be this honest. However, with the horrible way they write for AJ, I'm pretty sure she will be exactly like that
:icondallasblack:DallasBlack 1 2
Gwozdziec synagogue by Szubinka Gwozdziec synagogue :iconszubinka:Szubinka 35 5 Pen, Pencil, and Pith Helmet by Seriff-Pilcrow Pen, Pencil, and Pith Helmet :iconseriff-pilcrow:Seriff-Pilcrow 20 2
More Interceptors and 'Hacks'
I would like to thank everyone for the great interest in my last set of Interceptor and T-Bird photos.
Here are a few views of interceptor units that operated T-33s along side of their F-4 and F-15 mission aircraft.
Thank you again for the kind comments and support for my photos!
:iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 2 0
48th FIS T-33A by F16CrewChief 48th FIS T-33A :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 10 0 48th FIS F-15A by F16CrewChief 48th FIS F-15A :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 13 0 5th FIS T-33A by F16CrewChief 5th FIS T-33A :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 13 7 5th FIS F-15A by F16CrewChief 5th FIS F-15A :iconf16crewchief:F16CrewChief 19 0 Love Always by vcm1824 Love Always :iconvcm1824:vcm1824 26 1 Cyan's adventure - 11 by CyanLightning Cyan's adventure - 11 :iconcyanlightning:CyanLightning 49 19



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i write pretty much anything. what ever strikes me at the moment. i just hope you enjoy the stories i present.
All characters are owned by me unless other wise stated and my not be reproduced or used with out permission. There is enough art theft on this website so dont be a pos thief. also do not contact me about using any of my work or even referencing my work. i will contact you if i want my work used by someone else.


Untitled Story.


            A lone ship sped along it sub light route, making its way to the next planet. The pilot, a creation of the once mighty race called the Taryn heard that a child hood friend was on Ma’cos three and made a bee line toward the planet to see if the rumors were true. The Taryn had created many of the technological marvels this side of the galaxy had seen and used, including the sub light engines on his ship. But with all things the Taryn’s need to create lead to a self-destructive path. The pilot a young adult at the time was placed on another ship during the exodus from the planet. Now three hundred years later he finally heard a rumor that his friend was still alive and doing well.

            Inside of the ship the pilot now an adult busily worked on his leg trying to replace the bad connector he found during his maintenance routine. After all he wanted to make sure he was fully functional when he saw his friend again.

            The leg finally detached with a loud snapping sound. The pilot looked at the leg closer where the knee met with the upper leg section. The section was melted and brittle. His eyes zoomed in on the section giving it a light scan. A few seconds later possible reasons started to appear in his visual display. The most likely was scoring from energy based weaponry.

            “How the hell?” The pilot murmured.

            He stood then hopped on his good leg over to his parts wall and pulled out a new one. Well not new but newer. Then hopped back over to the chair and started to reattach it. As he worked he probed his memory banks the reason why his leg would have damage to it. Nothing was found. Then again when he woke up on the Gneiss homeworld they told him that he was found in a crashed Taryn ship on the coast. They had repaired him to the best they could and wanted to send him on his way with their blessings. Even with the fall of the Taryn core world, Taryn law still applied.

            Being a creation of the Taryn granted him protection as an individual as with any organic being. His A.I. core was intact as far as he could tell. Some parts were damaged and replaced with inferior parts but that shouldn’t have affected his memory. Most of his sub routines were still running normally. The self-diagnostic initialized as soon as he was re-activated. But that was good enough. His friend awaited him on Ma’cos three. And the reunion was long overdue.

            He stood gave his newer leg a few stomps. The leg was responding well, now all he needed to do was replace the synthetic skin and he would be ready.


            On the approach to Ma’cos the first orbital station hailed him to stop for inspection. All Taryn ships were considered infectious until they cleared him. Shortly an armed boarding party would dock with him. He stood and gave the command to use the sterilizer for his impending guests. Gas filled the cabin along with the living quarters. Then the ventilation system cleared it out after five minutes. His ship suddenly rumbled. The pilot walked to the airlock and waited until he saw the first of the party to arrive. Five in total walked from their ship to his stopping at the doorway.

            “Ma’co security team for inspection.” The first one said raising his rifle to the glass, “Follow all commands without question.”

            The pilot nodded.

            “Open the airlock and take two steps back hands on your head.”

            The pilot complied hitting the button and taking two steps back placing his hands on his head.

            The first security member walked through the door still pointing his rifle at him gave a quick look around then raised his hand for the others to follow.

            “Turn around and face the wall. You will be scanned for contamination.”

            The pilot again complied.

            Another of the security force members walked behind him using a small scanner keeping his distance.

            “Looks clean.”

            “Scan the rest of the ship work in pairs. I’ll stand here with the pilot.” The first one said still pointing the rifle at the pilot.

            The others quickly moved the about the ship with the scanning equipment keeping their distance from most of the structure as they did so.

            “State your name and reason for visit.”

            “My name is Calibri. I am a creation of Doctor Sertis of Taryn.”

            The security officer nearly pulled the trigger on his rifle.

            “If I were you…” The security officer started to say putting the muzzle of the rifle to the back of Calibri’s head, “I wouldn’t tell anybody that on this planet.”

            “I am following all of your commands as you requested.” Calibri said, “You asked who I was and I told you. Infectious material has not been found on a ship for at least one hundred years. You are safe.”

            “Sir, per the ship log the sterilizer was used before we came aboard.” The radio crackled.

            “You hiding something from us construct?”

            “No, my sub-routines for arriving guests makes me perform that action.”

            “State why you were built.”

            “Companionship for Doctor Sertis’ only child.” Calibri answered, “The child was lonely.”

            “Sir this ship is clean.” The radio sounded again.

            “Gather back here and scan each other, then we disembark.” The security officer said into his radio, then stepped back from Calibri, “Welcome to Ma’co three.”


            The ship shuddered again as the inspection crew departed. Calibri started to walk back to the bridge giving the command to approach the orbital station and get clearance for landing on the planet. It wouldn’t be long now.

            The ship entered the atmosphere and guided itself along the landing track given by the orbital station. He was to dock at the top most bay. Which was also used for decontamination as well. Calibri understood why though. Since the creation of himself and shortly afterwards the entity that caused all this trouble, every race had to adopt the strictest protocols for inspection of every ship in the sector. The Taryn homeworld still under planetary blockade until further notice.

            Calibri landed on the pad and connected to the refueling ports. He then opened the main doors on the side of his ship and disembarked.

            The world of Ma’co was mostly water. The beings that lived here aquatic in nature but could survive in the local environment for short periods of time. As Calibri walked among the citizens many stopped to give second glances. Others pulled out scanning devices pointing them in his direction. He ignored them as best he could and went to the first travel gate and put in the coordinates where the friend was last scene. A transport arrived its passengers walking out some wearing gear filled with the water of the planet. He waited until they got off and entered the transport. He turned around and noticed that the others that were waiting for the same ship refused to enter it with him on it. The doors closed and the transport lifted off towards the destination.

            An hour later the transport landed at a docking port near one of the water treatment plants. The doors opened and he stepped out the other Ma’co citizens stepped back as he did so. Again, he ignored them walking past them seeing the large treatment facility in the distance. His pace quickened following at the excitement of seeing his friend again.

            Soon Calibri stood at the edge of the large building that occupied most of the terrain. The front doors large with two armed guards posted at each side. He approached them slowly not to cause a scene. As he did so they noticed him one raised his rifle the other put up a webbed hand walking toward him.

            “State your business Taryn.”

            “I was told that another Taryn worked here. I know him from childhood. Could you please get him for me?” Calibri said stopping putting his hands up.

            “Watch him. I’ll put in the call.” The guard on the left said then spoke into his radio.

            A few minutes later the large doors opened. Another Taryn standing about nine feet excited pulling off his helmet. And dropped it running to him.

            “Cal!” The Taryn shouted as he ran.

            He jumped on Calibri hugging him tightly.

            “I thought your ship crashed?!?”

            “It did. I had to be rebuilt by the Gneiss.” Calibri said returning the hug then they released, “I see you look much like…” Calibri stopped himself as his friend put his large hand over his mouth.

            “Don’t say it.” The Taryn said turning his head back to the guards.

            “Very well Surrat. You have grown quite a bit since I last saw you three hundred years, eight months one week plus one standard day!” Calibri said happily.

            “Sorry about the security measures before director, we just need to be sure.” The guard on the left said.

            “It’s alright.” Surrat said looking back again, “I’m going to take him on a tour of the facility.”

            “Very well sir we just need to do a quick scan and decon on him.” The guard on the left said again.

            “Sure, I’ll wait inside just let me know as soon as you are done.” Surrat said walking back to the doors scooping up his helmet along the way.


            After the scan and decon procedure. Calibri was lead inside by the same two guards. The attitude of the guards seemed to lighten slightly after the protocols but not by much. Surrat was ecstatic to see him again. The guards soon left after dropping him off.

            “So, you are the director of this facility?” Calibri asked.

            “Yep dad would be proud.” Surrat said giving a look around, “Not just this one though the entire planet network of water systems.”

            “I knew you were capable of great things.”

            “Yeah well it did take some time though about thirty years before they even trusted me to do more than waste disposal.” Surrat said, “But it paid off big time. Now I help them maintain the entire planets ecosystem.”

            “hmmm, still sounds like waste disposal to me but just on a grander scale.” Calibri said jokingly.

            “Yes and no. Here I’ll give you the tour.” Surrat said as he opened the door leading out into the main area.

            They both stepped out into a large section that held various stations some were filled with water others only up to the waste of the occupants. Calibri was amazed at the scale of the project in which the race went to making sure the planet was taken care of.

            “From here we can monitor the entire ecosystem. The top most section is dedicated to the southern hemisphere.” Surrat said pointing, “And that section is mostly for the eastern. All the water that they breath gets brought through the filtration systems I designed after I arrived on the planet.”

            “And the others that were with you?” Calibri asked hopeful.

            “They didn’t stick around long, they felt like everyone in the galaxy blamed them for the…well you know.” Surrat said looking pained.

            “I figured as much due to the treatment I received and looks as well. They even called for a decon of the transport I was on.” Calibri said.

            “Well I’ve been doing my best to change that about our race. Can’t blame all of us for one mistake.” Surrat said going to over to a console and hitting a few buttons, “Section nine, what’s the status of your board?”

            “This is the third time this morning it’s been like this! I’m going to have to pull the frame and see if it’s a hardware problem.” The speaker on the console responded.

            “Hold up I want to look with you give me a minute.” Surrat said releasing the button, “You want to come with me?”

            “Of course.”

            They both left the station and walked around the edge of the room until they got to the section. The worker was already pulling apart the main door on the console.

            “How’s it looking in there?” Surrat asked bending down.

            “Not sure I might have to go deeper than the mainframe on the unit back to the cpu.” The worker said putting a large piece of hardware on the console.

            “Keep me informed. We need to keep this one monitored.” Surrat said standing up.

            Calibri watched as the worker hit a button on the station causing the entire console to elevate from the water. The open portion of the console was just large enough for one of his kind to enter. That’s when Calibri’s internal sensors picked up a low band transmission.

            “Bring him to me.

            Calibri’s preservation protocol activated and performed a threat assessment.

            92% chance of infection. Survivability 1 in 5 if unit leaves this area immediately. All other units with in this facility are expendable due to infection. Combat systems activated. Protect your friend.

            “Time to go.” Calibri said grabbing Surrat by the waist.

            “What are you..” Surrat said surprised.

            Then it happened.

            The console that was opened suddenly grew organic teeth and swallowed the worker whole clamping down. Blood poured out of the gaps in the teeth as the console retracted back into the frame of the station.

            Calibri turned and ran holding his friend to the nearest door. His sensors started to display biometric data of the infection rates climbing in the building. The entities biomass along with circuitry were spreading through the entire facility.

    It was here.


Untitled Story
Based off of a dream i had about three days ago i finally had time to put it down to paper. Stranged things are a foot in the dream realm... dont know if i'll do anything else with it. just really wanted to get it out of my head and down on paper before i forgot too much of it.
i might post something sunday. not sure depends on what i can think up.
due to lack of further interest the story ends at Part XXII. i hope you have enjoyed reading it.
Part XX will be posted soon. maybe tonight. i still need to do a through reading on it to make sure i have caught all of the mistakes. sorry about the wait. and thank you for your time.

A Day in The Life of Death.


            A woman walked into her apartment complex and stopped by the mail box. She pulled out her keys and started to fumble with them cursing under her breath until she found the right one. The key slid into the lock and turned causing the mail box to spill its contents on the floor. She rolled her eyes letting out a groan. She picked up her mail then walked to the elevator at the far end. The elevator suddenly opened as another tenant walked out. She gave him a smile said hello then walked in. She used her free hand to hit the number three button. The doors closed and it started to move up. The elevator whirred as it moved up to the third floor then stopped the doors opening. She walked out into the hallway doing her best not to step on some old pizza boxes that lay strewn from the college students from down the hall. She got to her door and again fumbled with her keys getting the right one out. She opened the door walked in and closed and locked it behind her. She continued in and stopped by the small table next to the wall putting her mail down along with her keys then walked into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and looked at what she had to eat. Sushi, half a can of soda and a sandwich from the deli from down the block. She grabbed the sandwich and soda then walked into her front room and sat on the couch. She grabbed the remote and hit the power button turning on the news.

            She was just getting ready to take a bite when she heard a knock at her door. She let out another groan then stood still holding her sandwich and walked to the door. She looked out the peep hole.

            Shit, she thought.

            She unlocked the dead bolt and threw open the door. On the other side a man in his thirties with neatly combed blonde hair wearing a three-piece suit stood holding a six pack of beer. His face lit up giving her a warm smile. His deep blue eyes almost hypnotizing her.

            “Hey, nothing like a cold beer after a hard day’s work am I right?!” The man said lifting the six pack up jiggling it slightly.

            She looked at him for a moment. Took a bite of her sandwich then with her free hand grabbed the six pack then shut the door on him.

            “Oh come the fuck on!” The man said from the other side of the door.

            The woman walked to the small table put her sandwich down then pulled a beer from the case. It was hot.

            “It’s not even cold!” She yelled turning to the door holding up the bottle.

            A few seconds later frost appeared on the bottle.

            “There you happy now?” The man asked, “Can I come in now?”

            The woman sighed then walked back to the door and opened it. The man stood there looking annoyed then held out his hands shrugging.

            “Come on Satan.” She said stepping back.

            Satan walked in and took off his coat. He walked to the small table and put it down and grabbed a beer for himself.

            “I was just coming by to see how thing are going Azrael.” Satan said popping the top with his thumb, “We know you’ve been busy lately.”

            “Don’t call me that Satan.” The woman said shutting the door and locking it.

            “Fine. In that case I want you to call me Lucifer. Satan is so…passé.” Lucifer said taking a quick drink, “Well then Susan, how have you been?”

            “Busy like you said.” Susan answered walking back to the table grabbing her sandwich and taking another bite.

            “Well we did warn you about the job.” Lucifer said following her, “What’s on TV?”

            “I don’t know I just got home.” Susan said now sitting on the couch.

            “Hey did you see the new show about me?” Lucifer asked, “I heard they did a good job with it. Well then again the writer did make a deal with me…”

    Susan rolled her eyes shaking her head.

    “I see that you’ve been busy as well.” Susan stated then took a swig of her beer.

    “Naaah...” Lucifer replied waving his hand dismissively smirking.

    They both sat on the couch drinking and watching the news. After it was finished Susan turned the channel to an ambient music station and turned the volume down slightly.

    “So what brings you to my door step?” Susan asked balling up the sandwich wrapper throwing it on the floor, “You don’t stop by unless you need something.”

    Lucifer finished his beer and put the empty bottle on the floor next to the couch then got up to grab another,

    “You want another one while I’m up?”

    “Sure.” Susan said rubbing her head, “It’s not like I can get drunk anyway…”

     “Well I just wanted to stop by and let you know that I think you are doing a bang-up job out there.” Lucifer said returning holding out the second beer to Susan who took it and popped the top, “I just thought I would stop by and make a personal appearance. Nothing like being praised by the boss huh?”

    “What do you want?” Susan said annoyed propping her head with her hand.

    “You always think that I want something!” Lucifer said putting out his hands at the accusation then added innocently, “I just wanted to stop by have a beer…or ten with our new angel of death that’s all.” Lucifer finished with a slight laugh, “Besides you know I got a bad rap.”

    Susan just looked at him and let out a small laugh.

    There were several knocks at her door again. Susan got up and walked to the door and opened it. Another young man in his twenties stood on the other side playing on his phone.

    “HA! Got it!” The man said showing Susan the phone, “I finally beat that level of that bird game!”

    “Jehovah…” Susan said then took another swig of her beer.

    “May I come in?” Jehovah asked putting away his phone.

    “Sure. Lucifer is already here.” Susan said letting him in.

    “Oh, is he? Good I needed to talk to you both anyway.” Jehovah said walking past her.

    Jehovah stopped by the table and pointed at the case of beer.

    “Go ahead.” Susan sighed out walking back into the front room.

    Jehovah grabbed a beer and followed her. He stopped when he saw Lucifer sitting on the couch who held up his beer and nodded.

    “Well since we are all here let’s get down to business.” Jehovah said making a chair appear from nowhere then sitting, “First off I would like to thank you for your work out in Europe. That was a nasty bit of business but the souls appeared at my house and I welcomed them into my kingdom.”

    “No problem.” Susan said finishing her beer and putting the bottle on the floor next to the couch.

    “Now I am going to warn you tomorrow is going to be a really busy day. So, you might want to get some sleep for it.” Jehovah said making a scroll appear in his hand.

    “Why do you do that?” Lucifer said pulling out his phone and scrolling his finger down the face of it.

    “Well I’m old fashioned like that. Now you will be reaping about seven hundred souls. Two hundred and fifty are going to hell the rest are going to heaven.”

    “Nights not over yet…” Lucifer said with a chuckle making several notes on his phone.

    Jehovah looked at Lucifer for a moment then went back to speaking,

    “The event will start about ten in the morning. And will end at eleven thirty at night.”

    Susan pulled out her phone and made some quick notes then looked up from her phone saying,

    “How do you want it done?”

    “I was thinking something like a Michael bay movie personally…” Lucifer said looking up from his phone.

    Both Susan and Jehovah looked at him staring a hole through him.

    “I was kidding.” Lucifer said shaking his head going back to his phone.

    “Earthquake. I think would be best or a massive storm just call me and let me know which one you decide.” Jehovah said folding up his scroll and making it disappear.

    “Alright I’ll give you a call about eight in the morning, I have to stop by the hospital tonight and pick up the rest.” Susan said then looked at Lucifer, “You ready for your new arrivals?”

    “Always! I can’t wait to get my hands on that old money embezzler.” Lucifer said smiling tapping on his phone, “I’ll admit that guy ruined some lives in his short seventy years on this earth. I’m kind of jealous.”

    Susan rolled her eyes then turned to Jehovah.

    “I didn’t know you drank beer?”

    “Oh no I turned it into wine before I sat down. It’s a full bodied red slightly chilled.” Jehovah said taking a sip, “You know, I’m really glad I made grapes.”

    “Well now we have that out of the way what else is on tonight’s agenda?” Lucifer asked looking up from his phone.

    “Armageddon will be pushed back again.” Jehovah said looking at them both, “Lucifer and I talked about it for a while and we both decided it’s not quite time yet.” Jehovah then took another sip and looked at Susan, “Susan how have you been? Things going alright?”

    “Busy as I can be but it’s a good job. I get to travel in the blink of an eye. Speak any language I want. And stop would be muggers. I nearly pissed my pants from laughing after he shot me and I was still standing.” Susan answered.

    “Good!” Both Jehovah and Lucifer said as they stood, then looked at each other awkwardly.

    “We’ll keep in touch.” Jehovah said taking another sip.

    “Oh and one more thing.” Susan said looking at Lucifer now, “Stop trying to get me on your side. You are the one that argued that Armageddon should be evenly balanced. And it was agreed that I wouldn’t choose sides.” Susan finished pointing at him.

    Jehovah looked at Lucifer who was throwing his arms out in protest.

    “I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Lucifer said.

    “Oh come on!” Susan said still pointing, “You stop by unannounced with beer or pizza or both. I don’t mind that part. But what I do mind is you trying to win me over.” Susan said putting her hands on her hips.

    “Hell hath no fury…” Jehovah remarked doing his best not to smile.

    “Hells a busy place and I like to get away every once and a while.” Lucifer argued looking at Jehovah then looked back at Susan, “Besides I like pizza and good company.” Lucifer finished folding his arms.

     Susan let out a sigh.

    “There is just no winning with you is there?”

    “Yes.” “No.”

    Jehovah and Lucifer said respectively at the same time. Then looked at each other.

    “Fine!” Susan said sitting on her couch and changing the channel to the listings, “Who wants to watch a movie before I get back to work?”

    “Oh do they have the ten commandments?” Jehovah asked sitting on the couch next to Susan.

    “I was thinking something more like Gone with the Wind tonight personally.” Lucifer said sitting on the other side of Susan.

    Both Susan and Jehovah looked at Lucifer in skeptically.

    “What? It’s a good movie.” Lucifer said then waved his hand and several pizza boxes appeared along with bottles of soda and more beer, “Dinner is on me tonight.” As he grabbed a box and took a piece out and handed the box to Susan.

i might post something sunday. not sure depends on what i can think up.


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